Truffle Hunting



Umbria produces the highest number of black truffles in Italy and their quality is famous throughout the world. Truffle hunting in Umbria remains a beautiful and simple way of life: the mountains, the hunter, the dogs and a leather bag full of truffles.
The truffle is one of the best condiments which can be used in the kitchen. Each variety of truffle has its own particular typical aroma, which is suitable for specific culinary uses.

The truffle hunter will show you how to find truffles walking through the woods.
Would you like to experience thrill of truffle hunting with dogs? Follow our truffle hounds through the woods and experience the surge of excitement as they locate this edible treasure.

We offer truffle hunting experiences on request, according to the truffle hunter availability.

Walking in the woods


Truffle Hunting


With an expert truffle hunter we explore the truffle-rich forests and pastures, following his expert dogs.
Back at the family farmhouse we discover the secrets of a family culinary tradition. Grandma accompanies us to the pasta room where we learn to make fresh pasta and other local delicacies. We also indulge in an assortment of home-made specialties and great local wine. Then we sit down to a big traditional Umbrian mountain lunch where all our recipes have a ‘wild’ flavor.


The young truffle hunter is also a dog trainer. He works in a dog center, training dogs for truffle hunting and basic abedience. He will bring us in his caves, looking for black truffles, sharing his replicas de relojes knowledge with Umbria in Tour guests! After the huting we will have lunch with the truffle found in a beautiful farm house a few kilometres far, to enjoy an amazing complete lunch based on truffle dishes.

Truffle Hunting