Pitigliano and Sovana

Discovering the tuff civilization


Sometimes it doesn't take that much to regain your strength and energy: a break from work, a destination to explore, the right company. Book our tour and follow the tuff routes

Over the millennia, a very close bond has been established in the Pitigliano area between man and stone.
Countries built on precipitous tuff plateaus on the surrounding valleys, long semi-underground paths dug into the rocks, hundreds of caves and necropolises. This is the scenario that awaits the visitor. We are in Little Jerusalem, the Ghetto that for several centuries has hosted one of the most thriving Jewish communities in Central Italy.

From Pitigliano we will move to Sovana along the hollow streets, ancient works created by the Etruscan civilization.
Venturing into these areas still produces great emotions: the beauty of the scenery and the perception of the devotion that the Etruscans had for the earth produce an almost moving sense of admiration.