Monster’s Park



Bomarzo develops towards the Tiber valley. The area is made up of igneous rocks and plateaus of clay. One of the most recent examples is the famous Monster’s Park, also called the Sacred Grove. The charming landscape and the ancient village turn Bomarzo in one of the most followed by tourists who love to discover new special places to visit.

Nearby you can discover an untouched nature and lush hills belonging to the Natural Reserve of Monte Casoli. It’s a natural area of great beauty and environmental importance. Of great historical and architectural importance is  Palazzo Orsini, a Renaissance art jewel. Among the most interesting events of Bomarzo there are the Palio of St. Anselmo and the Biscuit Festival,. Special event where the 5 districts of the country compete in a horse race for the dispute of the Palio. For a different tour visit Bomarzo and discover its churches.