In Bolsena you can spend a wonderful relaxing holiday and you can discover the history and the ancient traditions of the Medieval town. These uncontaminated places, in which time seems to stop, receive the tourist with their beauty and warmth. You can play sportsgo hiking, discover and enjoy the  breathtaking landscapes.

In Bolsena you can find excellent pizzeriastrattorias and restaurants where you can taste a famous fish of the local traditional cooking. Otherwise there are several café-barspastry shops and ice cream parlors where you can taste delicious homemade ice creams, original cocktails and a wide selection of coffees you can drink while you’re admiring unforgettable landscapes.
Bolsena offers also many popular and traditional festivals such as Infiorata Flower Festival of Corpus Domini and The Mysteries of Saint Christina. The festival always ends with spectacular fireworks above the lake, which create an amazing and unforgettable scenery. 

Many points of historical and cultural interest are unmissable and fascinating: Territorial Museum of Bolsena Lake built in the Rocca Monaldeschi, Basilica of Saint ChristinaCatacombsArcheological Excavations, Saint Francis Theater , Piccolo Teatro Cavour and since 2011, the Freshwater Aquarium, unique of its kind in Central Italy.