Bevagna is a small jewel. Nestled in the center of Umbria, the village is a small treasure chest surrounded by imposing perfectly preserved walls.
Visiting Bevagna is like taking a journey into the Middle Ages, in a city that seems to stand still more than 1000 years ago characterized by medieval streets, artisan shops, ancient churches and monuments. The village lies gently behind Assisi, with its load of spirituality, and in front of Spoleto, the capital of contemporary culture.You will be able to see the remains of the Roman Theater, those of the thermal baths and the temple. The Strada del Sagrantino passes through Bevagna, making it a privileged place to taste the Sagrantino of Montefalco.

Every moment is the right one to visit the Umbrian village. There’s a particular time of year, however, that the city is even more beautiful and completely immersed in medieval atmospheres. It is on the occasion of the Mercato delle Gaite which is held in June and will make you take a trip to ancient Mevania. The party is an important event that for ten days faithfully reproduces the life of a medieval town between 1250 and 1350, taking inspiration from the study of some municipal statutes of the period.