Cheese Tasting

flavors of the earth


Umbria boasts ancient traditions both as regards pastoralism and cheese making.
In the Umbrian dairies we can see how the cheese is treated, using the most modern technologies but respecting the old traditions with the use of natural ingredients and adopting ancient ritual gestures, such as the manual handling of the cheese shapes. Due to the low presence of plains, sheep cheeses are the best.

Umbria has a long tradition of cheese production of nearly 3000 years, of very high standard compared to the DOP of other regions, however it lacks of a good promotion at national level.Umbria and its new cheese itineraries is the perfect place to explore!

A Cheese  Tasting is a wonderful experience to unveil the ancient flavors of Umbria.
Contact us and fall in love with our countryside, the land of the soul and of the ancestral tastes!

Cheese is the seal of a good meal